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Is there an age limit?


There is no age limit, though we do recommend bundling up younger kids as it can be pretty chilly somedays.

Do the dogs like their Job?


We're certain they do! These guys are innate pullers, they love their work and they love to meet people. Come see for yourself how excited these dogs are to pull.

What should I wear?


Warm clothes! You will spend at least and hour and fifteen minutes outside so you’ll probably want snowpants, boots, gloves, and a hat. We do have some extra warm gear that you may borrow (but we don’t have snow pants or many boots).

How many people can go on a tour?


We have two different size sleds available but if you wanted both big sleds then we can take around 1,100 pounds total on one tour. That weight is split between the two sleds. If your group is more than that, we’d be happy to set you up with two tour times to accommodate your group.

How many dogs pull the sled?


Teams range anywhere from 8 to 14 dogs depending on snow conditions and on how much weight they’re pulling.

Why are the tours expensive?


The proper food, care, training, housing and vet costs for 44 dogs is not cheap, and of course these guys deserve the best!  And they need all this year round.  We take pride in our healthy happy dogs, but that comes with a price tag ;)

What makes our tour different than others?


We are a very small company and only take out two sleds at a time.  Every tour is very personal and each sled has a professional guide with it for the safety of dogs and guests.  We want you to get involved with the dogs and teach you about these special animals.

How do we fit on the sleds? Can we drive the team?


We have a couple different sleds that we can take out depending on your group.  Our basic sled only has space for guests to sit and a guide to drive.  Our bigger sleds have an additional driving position so that someone can have a chance at driving.  We can stop and switch around who is driving out on the trail.

What is the weather going to be like?


This is a tough question to answer as the trail we are on is over 10,000ft!  The weather changes quickly and we get lots of snow each winter!  search for (Monarch CO) to get the most accurate weather forecast.  We only stop running tours if Hwy 50 closes.  And if that happens don't worry we will reschedule you or give a full refund.

Do I need a reservation?


Yes you need to make a reservation in advance to come on a tour.  It is unlikely that we can take you out on tour the same day that you call, but it doesn't hurt to try.  Try booking online for the fastest results!

When we are busy we won't be able to answer phone calls until the end of the day so please leave a voicemail!

Where do the dogs come from?


The answer I want to give you "other dogs of course"  usually isn't appreciated!

These guys all come from Alaska, and they actually go back to Alaska every summer to summer dog camp.  Their breed is called "Alaskan Husky".  But they are a complete mutt that was bred for their ability to pull, run, be in cold temperatures... Basically be the toughest most driven dogs on earth!! 

Can I adopt a retiring sled dog?


Yes!  These guys make awesome companions when they retire from pulling sleds.  It is up the to the dog when they retire, and they let us know when they aren't screaming as much to go run.  Because they have lived in a pack their whole lives they are extremely healthy mentally and have great attitudes.  Let us know if you might be interested in adopting a dog and we can talk with you more and get you on the list.

What do the dogs eat?


A specialized dog food created for sled dogs.  It is high in protein and fat, and has a high fish content.  Meat is an important part of their diet as well and in Colorado that is mostly beef.  These guys also get lots of supplements and vitamins.  They can burn a lot of calories each day so the food has to be rich.

Can I buy a gift certificate?


Yes you can.  You can call or email and let us know how many people you would like to get the gift certificate for, and we will send you an invoice through email.  Once you pay for the invoice we will email you over a copy of the gift certificate (the gift certificate has a number on it that you can refer to when calling to set up  your tour).

Why don't we answer the phone?


Ha! sorry about that.  We are just a small company so when we are running tours we are away from the phone.  If it is a busy day it might be late afternoon before we can call you back.  So Please leave a voicemail!

What do we do exactly on the tour?


You start by getting to meet all the dogs.  We will answer any of your questions and tell you all about each of their stories and families.  Then we will show you pictures and tell you the story behind this breed of dog we call "Alaskan Husky".  Then we teach you how to harness a dog and if you feel like it you can harness one yourself.  Then we will load up in the sleds and get the dogs ready and start our run.  While we are out on trail we will cover 4-5 miles depending on the conditions.  We will take a few shorter breaks and one longer break, to let the dogs cool off and eat some snow.  On the longer break everyone is encouraged to get out of the sleds and hang out with the dogs and take pictures (or have a snowball fight / make a snow angel / wrestle in the snow).  When we are done with the run we have some hot drinks (hot chocolate, hot cider or tea) and cookies. 

Do I have to sign a Liability Waiver?


Yes you have to sign a release of liability waiver.  It is part of the requirement for us to run tours on Forest Service land.  The tour is very safe and our trails are safe as well.  The biggest danger (other then driving to your tour) is walking around over snow and ice.

Is the ride bumpy or smooth?

The trail conditions really depend on the weather and recent snows.  If it is fresh snow it is a very smooth but slower ride.  If it has been warm and the trail is a bit icey it can be a little bit bumpy and the dogs travel faster.  We can always slow down if the bumps are too much.  We average between 8-12 mph.  

(and no thats not Miles Per Hotdog)

Got a question we didn't answer? Please email us, we love questions!

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