Stroller and Rhino

Rhino is a 9 year old intact male, and Stroller, his sister, is a spayed female.  They loves going for hikes, runs and walks. They're both good at sticking around when they're off leash, though they both love to explore and chase deer. They get along with other dogs and children and love to cuddle. They've both spent a lot of time inside and are, for the most part, house trained. We'd really like to find a home where they can be together.

HD is an intact 8 year old boy. He's one of the shyer dogs we have. It will take him some time to adapt to the pet life, but once he does, we think he'll love it. He has a sweet temperament and gets along with most other dogs. He will adapt more quickly if he has a solid routine. He hasn't spent much time in the house, but he is one that we are working with, so that the transition will be easier for him and for whoever adopts him.

Fuji is a 9 year old, un-neutered male. He's quirky and easy to love. He gets along with other dogs and kids. Although he is slowing down a little, he still loves to be active going on hikes, runs, walks, and would probably love to skijor. Fuji is a very routine-oriented dog, once he knows the routine, he'll settle right in and be a sweet and loving pet.




Send us a message if you're interested in adopting one of our sweet dogs!

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